Badab soort or surt natural site

Badab soort or surt natural site of semnan and mazandaran and iran

Here, one of the most magical springs in the world.Badab-e surt as Natural Tourist Attraction in Semnan. Imagine a pathway that has a colorful spring and one of the finest color spectra. Orange, yellow and red colors. It is interesting to know that this spring has different tastes. The surrounding countryside forms the green valleys that add to the magic of this area. Go to Badab-e Surt to see Nature's masterpiece. Badab-e Surt(Soort) has become the world's second largest Spring Saline water. You will no doubt be astonished at seeing this spring, and you can see it just after the Pam Cosmos Fountain in Turkey.There is also a very beautiful pond near the spring.

badab soort

badab soort

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Why Badab-e Surt(Soort) is Special?

  • A similar example exists for a handful of these types of springs in the world.

  • Badab-e Surt(Soort) is a unique spring in Iran.

  • Iran's second-largest natural heritage.

  • In this spring you will have several springs of different water and taste.

About Badab-e Surt(Soort)

Badab-e Surt(Soort) is located on the ground floor and at an altitude of 1841 meters above sea level. Due to the presence of Badab-e Surt(Soort) at high altitudes and mild winds, The water folds become steadily over time. It takes 200 to 300 years to form a centimeter of pond pools. Over the years, the flow of water from the Fountains of Sourt is low, hundreds of floors and tens of beautiful ponds in red, orange and yellow.

When should we go to Badab-e Surt(Soort)?

This is a four-seater climate, meaning you will have a memorable experience whenever you travel here. But the best season to travel to this area is spring and early autumn.

Badab-e Surt(Soort) Addresses

From the cities of Semnan and Sar? to the village of Aroost, the road is asphalt, and from the village to the springs, the road is about 3 km from the road, and then park the cars and have about 15 minutes walking distance. The closest residence in this village is the village of Areost, where you can rent a house.

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