Berenjeh prison natural site

Berenjeh prison natural site of west azerbaijan

Natural Berenjeh Prison as Tourist Attraction in West Azerbaijan, a natural prison where there was no escape any way! A prisoner where there was no escape any way! Instead of a narrow room and cold vertical bars, There was a deep pit on the mountain slopes known as Mount Tavilesoleyman, which in fact was the crater of the old fountain, and the floor was still fresh water, a kind of prison was closed, not by the hands of the prison guards to the prisoner, and no one could hear the horrible news of the intensification of the punishment To be confined to a person.

berenjeh prison

berenjeh prison

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Natural Berenjeh Prison and It's Spring

In short, the pit is used, like the Solomon Prison, to imprison the convicts. However for tourists, this is the beauty of nature, where it remains captive and visible. In the south of the village of Berenjeh and along the river, several craters of dried limestone can be seen, the most famous of which is the Berenjeh Prison or the Berenjeh Sea. The span of this large spring is oval.

The large diameter of this oval is 100 meters and its small diameter is 50 meters and its depth is about 70 meters. On the floor of this large natural structure is a lake full of cold water and carbon dioxide. This spring has tall walls that have been formed from thin strips of travertine tufts.

The spring water level has not changed significantly during the year, and in some places it is released from very slightly intense carbon dioxide into small bubbles. The spring water temperature is about 30 degrees Celsius and does not freeze in winter. Its water depth is estimated at 25 meters and is diving. The area of the fountain is about half a meter deep below the surface of the water and it is a funnel shape.

It is impossible to go down these long walls without using the rope and other necessary equipment, especially since experts suspect that the presence of carbonated carbon water at the bottom of the span of the spit has caused more wall erosion and increased its diameter.

It is said that the local lords stoned their stones to punish the villagers and their opponents, and they threw them into this deep spring and the reason for naming the prison was the same.

Geologically, it has a similar origins history like Solomon's Tank Lake and Prison And that place is also caused by the accumulation of calcareous deposits, long telelots and in some cases large volcanic craters.

Attention About Berenjeh Prison

  • Travertine rocks around the fountain are very loose and natural work is hard to find. Use the maximum safety precautions for the workshop.

  • To land and climb into the fountain, be sure to use the caving tool. The wall is not rock climbing because of its slackness.

  • The best way is to descend and climb the northern spit, which ends directly at the spring water.

Berenjeh Prison Addresses

To see this prison and the beautiful natural phenomenon, it is enough to visit the Berenjeh Prison at a distance of 28 kilometers from the northern city of Takab and in the village of Berenjeh (ridge) from the village of Chaman, Takhti Soleyman. Only in less than ten minutes walking from the village can you reach the spring.

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